Twitter, LiveJournal and Facebook Victims of Denial of Service Attack?
August 6, 2009 by Sherry Dedman · Leave a Comment · Filed under: Social Media 

I had trouble with Twitter and Facebook all morning. Twitter was slow to load, when it would load at all, and often would not change pages within the site. And Facebook wasn’t just slow, it was giving me weird messages about not being able to write to the database. I actually Twittered that Facebook was having as much trouble as Twitter today, without realizing they were *both* under attack!

I just read on Mashable a few minutes ago that Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal are banding together to investigate a “Distributed Denial of Service attack.” I guess that would explain the problems this morning. I don’t use LiveJournal, but when both Facebook and Twitter were having problems, it did seem a bit odd.

I’m still actually having a bit of trouble on Twitter, but that comes with the territory. I do see the “Fail Whale” less and less these days, but it can be slow. It will be interesting to see where these DOS attacks were coming from. It must be from the Anti-Twitterati!

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