Top Ten Awesome Things About Being A Work At Home Mom
November 10, 2009 by Sherry Dedman · 2 Comments · Filed under: WAHM 

Being a work at home mom has its challenges and drawbacks, but for the most part, it’s really the best job I’ve ever had. Here are my top ten reasons why being a WAHM is awesome!

10. I can load & start the dishwasher on my morning break
 9. I can easily work “overtime” after the kid goes to bed
 8. If a procedure or policy isn’t working, I can change it without going through any red tape
 7. My watercooler is Twitter :) (Shout out to my Twitter Peeps!)
 6. I can listen for the mailman, then go get any checks from clients out of the mailbox, take them to the bank, run a few errands and get lunch to bring home
 5. I can do my work at Starbucks for a few hours if I want to
 4. I can start dinner cooking on my afternoon break
 3. I can go pick up my son if he is sick at school without apologizing and genuflecting all over the place to boss & co-workers, then just make up the work later that day
 2. I’m there to do my son’s homework with him the instant he gets home from school
 1. Including what would otherwise be commute time and times when he is off school for holidays, teacher days etc., I probably get to spend an average of 20 hours per week more with my son than I would if I worked full time in an office!

Those are some great reasons – my top 10. I really think this arrangement allows a much more even balance to work/family, something that women, especially, struggle with.

What are your reasons for why you love being a Work At Home Mom or why you would like to? Leave me a comment & let’s talk about it! :)

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2 Responses to “Top Ten Awesome Things About Being A Work At Home Mom”
  1. Great post! I’d love to have the discipline to work from home, but I recognize that the only way that will happen is if I own an honest to goodness storefront and live above it. So that’s the current plan!!

    I really enjoyed reading your top ten and I have to say those are all reasons why I’d love to work from home as well. Even though I myself don’t have a child, I still think those reasons would be in my top ten, since I do plan to have a family and have seen what it’s like for coworkers to juggle trying to meet work demands as well as family.

  2. Sherry says:

    Thanks, Samantha! What kind of shop do you want to run? I imagine living over a shop would be very close to the same as working from home, except that you’ll get a lot more human interaction!

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