How I Accidentally Started My Own Business & Became A Work At Home Mom
August 5, 2009 by Sherry Dedman · 1 Comment · Filed under: How I Became A Work At Home Mom 

I started my own business, Blog Solace, completely by accident. Actually, I was more *forced* into it than anything else. How? Well, my unique circumstances and special child made becoming a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) a necessity.


I have a developmentally disbaled child who can’t be looked after at places like Kindercare. Specialized care is too expensive, and I am in that special little niche where my income is too high to get any financial help and too low to actually live on, let alone afford any child care at all. So my choices were to either go on welfare or start my own business. I wound up starting my own business with the html/css/WordPress skills I had acquired while blogging and making little web sites for fun was a hobby of mine.



I never went to college. Well, I did attend 6 weeks of junior college after I graduated high school. But unfortunately that did nothing more for me other than just give me a *taste* for higher learning. And I did have a strong taste and desire for it! In that short time, I had chosen to take classes like ‘The History of Music in Western Civilization’ which immersed me in wonderful music. And my humanities course concentrated on the arts – I specifically remember Renaissance art and Roman architecture.

But unfortunately I could not continue, due to circumstances beyond my control. So my experience at college had been a big tease! The amazing culture, color, music, and gateway to the world that I was exposed to in that short time, however, whetted my appetite for learning (in a way that high school never did), and I became insatiable for anything that I could learn.

I read literature I felt I should be reading in college, I taught myself advanced composition and writing skills by reading and practicing. I learned everything I could about some things I felt I should know and *many* things I wanted to know. I continue to learn about Florence, Italy and its architecture, Renaissance art, the Medici family, Edgar Allen Poe and more.

But the main thing I taught myself was how to teach myself. How to learn virtually anything I wanted to know simply by honing my curiosity about a subject and applying myself. I became a detective and a forensics specialist, so to speak. I took things apart and put them back together. I immersed, analyzed and absorbed. In other words, I gave myself the ability to learn and do virtually anything I wanted to do in life.


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  1. This has inspired me!

    Good Luck & Well Wishes to you and your son!

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