Say Goodbye to the TweetMeme Button and Hello to the Offical Tweet Button From Twitter
August 12, 2010 by Sherry Dedman · Leave a Comment
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Yes, it’s actually true – The TweetMeme button is going away. Gasp! That’s ok, though. It’s actually being replaced by a similar (slightly improved) OFFICIAL Tweet button from Twitter!

If you like your Tweet button “plugin-style,” you can get it from Share This. They are partnering with Twitter for the launch of the new Tweet button.

Tweetmeme to Twitter

If you’re wondering whether this was a hostile takeover, the answer is “no.” It’s very amicable, and there is benefit to both companies. You can read what TweetMeme has to say about it, and then go check out what Twitter has to say. You can also watch an interview with Nick Halstead, founder of TweetMeme (and now DataSift), conducted by Robert Scoble.

The interview provides a good explanation of why this shift took place. It was to facilitate the creation of DataSift, which Nick Halstead describes as “Track on steroids”.

This is all very interesting, and there is already a lot of good info out there. Tons of big sites have already integrated the new Tweet button, such as Youtube, Gawker Media, and more.

But as a web developer specializing in WordPress, my big question is, what will happen to this: TweetMeme Plugin for WordPress? Will TweetMeme still develop it? When will it integrate with the new Twitter Tweet button? Or will Twitter take it over and/or make a new one? The TweetMeme plugin is excellent, easy to install and works virtually flawlessly. I hope that will remain the case!

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Twitter’s Cool ‘Rushmore’ Recruiting Video
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If you like Twitter and you like the movie ‘Rushmore’, you’re bound to love Twitter’s recruiting video! It’s based on that musical montage scene in ‘Rushmore’ that illustrates all the different clubs Max has started or leads. In case it’s not obvious, Twitter is hiring! Check it out:

Dead Car Battery + iPhone + Twitter = 1 Weird Hour
August 29, 2009 by Sherry Dedman · 3 Comments
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Twitter Car Battery Saga

Twitter Car Battery Saga

It’s always fun to pop into the grocery store for four minutes, then come back out, get in your car, turn, the key, and hear “click, click, click, click…” Oh boy, dead battery. Better call AAA! That’s what happened to me the other day. Only I didn’t just call the number on the card and sit and wait.

I do have AAA, but I didn’t have my card with me that day, so I used the Safari web browser on my iPhone to look up the phone number. I called and reported my location, etc. Then while I was waiting, I Twittered!

But not just about random stuff. I asked if anyone knew how much car batteries run these days. I was pretty sure I needed a new one, but I hadn’t bought one in a long time. The AAA representative on the phone said that the person they were sending out could test my battery and sell me a new one and replace it for me if I wanted. I thought that was a pretty cool deal as long as I could be sure I wouldn’t be gouged!

I got helpful replies from @enjaysauce, @HaDAk and even @AAAauto. @enjaysauce and @HaDAk told me about how much they run, which I really wanted to know right at that moment. And @AAAauto told me a tech could test my battery and sell me a new one and install it for me, if I so desired. I already knew that, but it was nice to see them on Twitter, checking in on their members!

When the tech got there he ran some diagnostics and, sure enough, I needed a new battery. There was corrosion on one of the posts, and he said my battery should have lasted longer than it did. Who knows why it didn’t, but it was a goner and needed to be replaced. The corrosion was just a symptom of some bigger problem with the battery.

So he proceeded to change out my battery, but there was a complication. The corrosion had eaten through the contact that attaches to the post of the battery that carries the charge to the engine. So he very carefully peeled off the contact, which he said was breaking in half like carboard (I believe him, I was watching – in fact, here is a picture!)

Totally Grody Corrode-y Car Battery!

Fortunately he had one of those on his truck as well, and was able to replace it without harming any of the wires that go to the contact. It was a little while, but not that long, and he was done!

It was $141.xx for a replacement battery, replacement contact and the labor (which exceeded half an hour, due to the delicate contact-replacement operation). And because of my Twitter-attained knowledge of the price of an average battery these days, I was ecstatic with that amount. I thought it was extrememly reasonable, and I thought the tech did a great job.

To top it off, the tech saw the Blog Solace magnet on the side door of my car (my Vista Print special, which I love), and asked me about it. He said his wife needed a web site and blog built, and he took one of my business cards.

I’d say that was an all-around successful, social media, networking, modern, 21st century car battery replacement experience! Thanks to all my Twitter buddies and the help that day. And thanks to @AAAauto for following up afterwards to make sure everything was taken care of!

Brand New Shiny Twitterific AAA Car Battery!

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