About Sherry

  • Name:  Sherry Dedman
  • Age:  47, Divorced
  • Location:  Vancouver, WA (Near Portland)
  • Vocation:  Independent web professional offering WordPress blog help, development, troubleshooting and more
  • Hobbies:  WordPress, learning about Social Media, reading, writing, blogging, walking, cooking, learning and exploring the Seattle area.

I describe my business as “expert WordPress blog help” and I use self-taught, hand-coding skills to manipulate the CSS, XHTML and PHP within the WordPress platform to configure and optimize both static and blogging WordPress sites.  I have a great deal of knowledge of the ins and outs of WordPress and like to keep up-to-date on its upgrades, plug-ins, capabilities, advances, etc.  It absolutely is a passion, and not just my job – it’s my hobby.  I truly love what I do.

Additionally I am the mother of a wonderful, developmentally disabled boy, thus a single Work At Home Mom.  My blog here will consist mostly of posts about my work, WordPress, XHTML and CSS, exploring social media and SEO.  But it will sometimes also concentrate on the challenges of being a single Work At Home Mom, especially to a child with special needs, and the challenges of running one’s own business.

Where To Find Me Online:

I’m all over the place!  Find me and add me at any of the following places:

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